7th Annual Kutztown University Business Idea Competition 2017-18

Welcome to Kutztown University's 7th Annual Business Idea Competition

Steps to Entry

1. You first complete the Intent to Compete, which is your registration. Click the box on the upper corner of the screen that says "Login/Register." You will be asked to create an account to participate in the competition - Click on "Create User Account." 

Only one “Intent to Compete” form may be submitted per individual or team.  If you are a member of a team, you can also submit your own Business Profile, provided that your business model is different than your team's.

If you want to keep your business idea private (viewed only by committee members and judges), do not check the box “Display your Business on the Startup Compete Public Directory.” If you check the display box, anyone may do a search and find your information. 

2.  Add your Business Profile information as it is available. You can re-enter the Competition Website as often as required to add or edit the Business Profile content.  

Your Business Plan, if developed, can be added as an attachment within the Business Profile's question section. A Business Profile is an abbreviated description of the Company's business model; whereas, the Business Plan is a comprehensive description of all elements of the Company's business model. A Business Plan is encouraged, though not required. 

Be sure to complete each section's questions in the section area. If you do not complete each section, your application will be deemed "incomplete". Incomplete Business Profiles will not be continued in the competition process. 

Do not refer to "See Attachment", such as a business plan, as the section answer.  Only in the Additional Documentation section would you place and refer to attachments.

 Important Dates

Intent to Compete: Registration must be submitted by October 27th, 2017.

Awards Ceremony will be November 7th, 2017 at the Academic Forum on the Kutztown University Campus.